Youth Programming

We are excited to offer concurrent and inspiring programming geared specifically for children and youth. Activities, discussions, and workshops will emphasize "How to be a Good Citizen" providing them with an opportunity to learn, engage, and have fun. Children and youth programming have been tailored to recommended ages, but we encourage children of all ages to participate in programming where they will feel most comfortable.

Children's Programming
(recommended ages 4-9)

Hosted by Erin Hames
Headmaster, Heritage Preparatory School


  • Engage with story time to understand their strengths and why it's okay, and in fact important, that they have their own unique gifts.
  • Create patriotic snacks while discussing patriotism and what the colors of our flag represent.
  • Decorate capes with names and symbols to learn that all jobs have dignity and that when serving others and our community, we are all superheroes!
  • Participate in a bake sale to learn fundraising, marketing, managing, and creating.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Capitalism & the Dignity of Work
  • Public Service
  • Individualism
  • Respect for our Veterans
  • American Symbolism & Patriotism
  • Charity and Serving your Community

Youth Programming
(recommended ages 10-18)

iObject Grand Jury Simulation
hosted by Generation Joshua


  • iObject puts students on the front lines of the judicial system by immersing them in a 1930s Chicago mafia case as a grand juror.
  • Students question witnesses, examine the evidence, and learn about the standards of evidence required for an indictment.
  • Students will determine if the prosecution has enough evidence to bring a suspect to trial or if the prosecution seems to be targeting an innocent man.

Learning Outcomes:

  • United States Judicial System
  • The Constraints of Limited Government
  • Importance of Teamwork
  • Civic Responsibility
  • Factual Analysis
  • Purpose of the Grand Jury
  • Hands-on Leadership
  • Value of Truth